Computer Security


Computer viruses are programs that "infect" computers. They are installed without your knowledge and attack your computer, often spawning "worms". Worms are self replicating programs that can tie up computers or entire networks. They will attempt to spread behind the scenes without the your knowledge through network connections and e-mail.


Spyware is malicious software that is used to monitor or track your computer use and can even take over the operations of your computer. Some of the risks of spyware are:
  • Your computer might take longer to boot.
  • Unwanted pop-up ads (adware).
  • Your personal data is captured by recording what you type.
  • Your computer activity and e-mail can even be reported to a third party.
The best defense is to install anti-spyware software on your computer. Anti-Spyware software can be purchased from commercial security software companies, or downloaded for free from the Internet.


Unwanted mass e-mail continues to plague just about everyone, even though the Can-Spam Act was passed by Congress. You can take steps, however, to minimize the amount of Spam you receive.
  • Take advantage of free e-mail services to establish more than one e-mail address for you. Use these free e-mail services for Web sites and services that you are not familiar with or when subscribing to newsletters. Only give your personal e-mail address to companies and individuals you completely trust.
  • Refrain from posting your e-mail address on Web pages (like a personal Home page). Spammers often use "crawlers" or "bots" - automated programs that search the Internet for e-mail addresses - to obtain your e-mail address. If you must post your e-mail address on a Web page, create a simple graphic or disguise it by spelling out "@" ( People who need to e-mail you will recognize this, but it will prevent your e-mail address from being picked up by crawlers.

Please remember that Varex Credit Union will never ask you for personal information, or information about your credit union accounts via e-mail, a web page, or over the phone.

Computer Security