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*****Take Action CRITICAL*****
We are quickly approaching 500,000 messages calling on lawmakers to oppose this controversial provision. Thank you to all who took action and passed this along to your colleagues and members. This is truly a grassroots effort. We are making a difference, but we canít stop now. If you havenít engaged your members or colleagues, now is the time! The next few weeks are critical. We need to work together to keep this from becoming law
ReOrder Checks
This is the link you can use to reorder checks: https://orders.mainstreetinc.com/ConsumerReorder?UseHeader=Yes&cid=20743
Mobile Banking APP
Do your credit union banking on your smart phone with the Varex FCU App. All you have to do is install the app from your app store. Just search for Varex and you will see the Varex Federal Credit Union "V" logo with our app. Install. Just call us and we can walk you through the steps to get the app installed on your phone.
Low Visa Rate
Our visa card rate is at an incredibly low rate of 10.9%. Conditions may apply, contact us for more details.
Today's Rates
Effective: 01/15/2022
APR as low as:
Auto Loans 2.00%
RV Loans 4.70%
Mortgage 2.10%
Signature 8.30%
APR is Annual Percentage Rate.
Rates subject to change without notice.