Security Alerts

Last Updated: 08/07/2014


This week multiple media sources announced that a group of Russian hackers stole a total of 1.2 billion recorded individual accounts. Because it is not yet known which companies or financial institutions have been impacted as a result of this breach, members are strongly encouraged to change all online passwords.

Hackers also gained access to 500 million email accounts so members should also take care to avoid email "phishing" attacks.

Tips to prevent or minimize exposure to Internet security risks:
  • Strongly consider resetting any related user names and passwords.
  • Take extra caution when receiving an email. Delete emails from unknown sources and do not click or open any attachments in the email.
  • Never use the same password on multiple sites. Always create a unique password to limit your exposure.
  • Monitor your credit union accounts daily for any unusual changes or transaction activity. If unusual activity is discovered, report it immediately to the credit union.
  • Keep an eye on spam.
  • Be careful when visiting social network sites and the type of information being shared.

Please remember that Varex Credit Union will never ask you for personal information, or information about your credit union accounts via e-mail, a web page, or over the phone.

Security Alerts