Our Mission & Vision

Our motto is "Friends Helping Friends" and this is reflected in our Mission and Vision statements...

Our Mission
At Varex Federal Credit Union, our Mission is...
  • To provide a convenient place for our members to make secure investments at good rates.
  • To offer guidance in the responsible use of credit while offering loans at competitive rates.
  • To be a resource to our members and their families for financial information, education and guidance to achieve their financial goals.
  • To provide sincere personal service that is both in our members' best interest and effective in meeting their needs.
  • To do what we can to serve our community as a whole.
Our Vision
We intend to be our members' financial institution of choice for loans and savings by customizing our service to meet their unique needs. We will be a resource to educate and counsel our members in the wise use of money so they become better financial consumers.

We intend to continue as a viable part of our members' financial future by seeking safety and soundness in our investment strategies, by increasing our convenience through technological advances, and by being open to change and continuous improvement.